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New York State United Teachers

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New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) represent thousands of teachers across the Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation's 11-county region. 

All of the NYSUT locals fall within the jurisdiction of two regional NYSUT Offices. 

NYSUT Rochester Regional Office

30 North Union Street, Suite 302
Rochester, NY  14607
Fax: 585-454-7711
Website Facebook  Twitter
Carrie Andrews, Regional Staff Director

NYSUT Elmira Regional Office

100 West Church Street, Suite 200
Elmira, NY  14901
Fax: 607-734-3371
Website  Facebook  Twitter
Tim O'Brien, Regional Staff Director

NYSUT Locals:

Association of Greece Central Educational Professional (Local 05-043)
Avon Teachers Association (Local 06-055)
Bloomfield Professional Education Association (Local 06-010)
Bloomfield Support Personnel Association (Local 06-011)
BOCES #2 Aides Association (Local 05-051)
BOCES #1 Professional Support Personnel (Local 06-222)
BOCES #2 Teachers Association (Local 05-050)
BOCES Paraeducators Association (Local 06-221)
BOCES United Professionals (Local 06-220)
BOCES United Support Staff (Local 06-223)
Brighton Education Office Professionals (Local 05-013)
Brighton Teachers Association (Local 05-010)
Brockport Teachers Association (Local 05-015)
Caledonia-Mumford Support Staff Association (Local 06-021)
Caledonia-Mumford Teachers Association (Local 06-020)
Canandaigua Clerical (Local 06-025)
Canandaigua Paraprofessionals (Local 06-025)
Canandaigua Teachers Association (Local 06-025)
Churchville Chili Educational Association (Local 05-020)
Churchville Chili Maintenance Association (Local 05-028)
Churchville Chili Professional Association (Local 05-021)
Clyde-Savannah Faculty Association (Local 06-030)
Clyde-Savannah Transportation Employees Organization (Local 06-031)
Dansville Support Staff Association (Local 06-041)
Dansville Teachers Association (Local 06-040)
Dansville Transportation Union (Local 06-042)
Dundee Teachers Association (Local 06-045)
East Irondequoit Clerical (Local 05-026)
East Irondequoit Teachers Association (Local 05-025)
East Irondequoit Transpotation (Local 05-027)
East Rochester Teachers Association (Local 05-030)
Fairport Central Association of School Support Personnel (Local 06-053)
Fairport District Paraprofessionals (Local 06-051)
Fairport Educators Association (Local 06-050)
Fairport School Office Professionals Association (Local 06-052)
Fairport Transportation Association (Local 06-054)
Finger Lakes Community College Professionals (Local 039-165)
Finger Lakes Teaching Faculty Association (Local 039-170)
Finger Lakes Community College Greater Rochester Adjuncts Dedicated to Education (Local 039-175)
Gananda Teachers Association (Local 06-225)
Gates Chili Association of School-Related Professionals (Local 05-037)
Gates Chili Teachers Association (Local 05-035)
Gates Chili Transportation Union (Local 05-036)
Genesee Community College Educators Association (Local 039-100)
Genesee Community College ESPA (Local 039-101)
Genesee Valley BOCES School-Related Professionals-1 (Local 03-051)
Genesee Valley BOCES School-Related Professionals-2 (Local 03-080)
Genesee Valley BOCES Teachers Association (Local 03-050)
Geneseo Faculty Association (Local 06-055)
Geneseo Transportation (Local 06-056)
Geneva Teachers Association (Local 06-060)
Greece Teachers Association (Local 05-040)
Greece United Substitute Teachers Organization (Local 05-042)
Hilton Central Schools Teachers Association (Local 05-045)
Hilton Employees Association (Local 05-046)
Holley Clerical/Aides (Local 05-062)
Holley Teachers Association (Local 05-060)
Holley Transportation Association (Local 05-061)
Honeoye Falls-Lima B&G (Local 06-073)
Honeoye Falls-Lima Paraprofessionals/RN (Local 06-070)
Honeoye Falls-Lima Paraprofessionals/RN (Local 06-071)
Honeoye Falls-Lima Paraprofessionals/RN (Local 06-070)
Honeoye Falls-Lima Secretaries (Local 06-070)
Honeoye Falls-Lima Transportation (Local 06-072)
Honeoye Support Staff Association (Local 06-066)
Honeoye Teachers Association (Local 06-065)
Kenall Education Support Professionals Association (Local 05-066)
Kendall Faculty Association (Local 05-065)
Keshequa Central Teachers Association (Local 06-075)
Keshequa Education Support Professionals (Local 06-076)
Keshequa United Support Staff (Local 06-077)
Letchworth Central Teachers Association (Local 06-075)
Letchworth Education Support Professional Association (Local 06-076)
Livonia Non-Teaching Organization (Local 06-086)
Livonia Teachers Association (Local 06-085)
Lyons Support Staff Association (Local 06-091)
Lyons Teachers Association (Local 06-090)
Marcus Whitman Aides and Teaching Assistants (Local 06-096)
Marcus Whitman Bus Drivers (Local 06-097)
Marcus Whitman Teachers Association (Local 06-095)
Marcus Whitman, CFSU & FSE (Local 06-096)
Marion Teachers Association (Local 06-100)
Monroe Community College Faculty Association (Local 039-020)
Mt. Morris NTA (Local 06-106)
Mt. Morris Teachers Association (Local 06-105)
Naples Teachers Association (Local 06-110)
Newark Paraprofessionals Association (Local 06-116)
Newark Teachers Association (Local 06-115)
North Rose-Wolcott SEA (Local 06-121)
North Rose-Wolcott Teachers Association (Local 06-120)
Palmyra Macedon Faculty Association (Local 06-125)
Penfield Association of Educational Office Professionals (Local 06-131)
Penfield Education Association (Local 06-130)
Penfield Paraprofessional Association (Local 06-132)
Penn Yan Teachers Association (Local 06-135)
Perry Education Support Staff (Local 06-141)
Perry Professional Educators Association (Local 06-140)
Phelps-Clifton Springs Employees (Local 06-141)
Phelps-Clifton Springs Faculty Association (Local 06-140)
Phelps-Clifton Springs Aides & Secretaries Association (Local 06-142)
Pittsford Central Schools Bus Drivers Association (Local 06-146)
Pittsford District Teachers Association (Local 06-145)
Red Creek Teachers Association (Local 06-150)
Red Jacket Faculty Association (Local 06-155)
Rush Henrietta Employees Association, Admin Support Professionals (Local 06-165)
Rush Henrietta Employees Association, Bus Drivers (Local 06-165)
Rush Henrietta Employees Association, Facilities & Mechanics (Local 06-165)
Rush Henrietta Employees Association, Paraprofessionals Chapter (Local 06-165)
Rush Henrietta Employees Association, Teacher Chapter (Local 06-165)
Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals (Local 05-061)
Rochester Teachers Association (Local 05-060)
Romulus Faculty Association (Local 06-160)
Rochester School for the Deaf United Faculty Association (Local 05-080)
Seneca Falls Educators Association (Local 06-170)
Seneca Falls Support Staff (Local 06-171)
Sodus Faculty Association (Local 06-175)
Spencerport Faculty and Staff Association (Local 05-064)
Spencerport Office Personnel (Local 05-067)
Spencerport Paraprofessional Association (Local 05-069)
Spencerport Teachers Association (Local 05-065)
Spencerport Teaching Assistants (Local 05-065)
Spencerport Transport Assistants (Local 05-066)
Spencerport Plant Operation and Maintenance Association (Local 05-068)
United University Professions Brockport (Local 040-815)
United University Professions Geneseo (Local 040-819)
Victor Teachers Association (Local 06-185)
Warsaw Educators Association (Local 06-165)
Warsaw Support Staff (Local 06-166)
Waterloo Educators Association (Local 06-190)
Waterloo Non-Instructional Employee Association (Local 06-191)
Wayland-Cohocton Educational Support Professionals (Local 06-336)
Wayland-Cohocton Teachers Association (Local 06-335)
Wayne Teachers Association (Local 06-370)
Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Educators' Association (Local 06-200)
Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES SSP (Local 06-201)
Webster Association EOP (Local 06-206)
Webster CSESA (Local 06-207)
Webster Teachers Association (Local 06-205)
West Irondequoit Educational Secretaries (Local 05-071)
West Irondequoit Maintenance (Local 05-072)
West Irondequoit Teachers Association (Local 05-070)
Wheatland-Chili Bus Drivers, Custodias & Cafeteria Workers (Local 05-075)
Wheatland-Chili FOT (Local 05-075)
Wheatland-Chili Paraprofessional (Local 05-075)
Williamson Faculty Association (Local 06-210)
Wyoming Faculty Association (Local 06-175)
York Teachers Association (Local 06-215)

Locals contacted via Elmira Regional Offices:

Addison Teachers Association 
Alexander Service Employees Association
Alexander United Teachers 
Arkport Faculty Association
Arkport Staff United
Attica Faculty Association
Avoca Teachers Association
Batavia Teachers Association
Batavia Clerical Association (Local 03-026)
Bradford Teachers Association
Byron-Bergen Faculty Association
Campbell-Savona Teachers Association
Canisteo-Greenwood Educators Association
Corning Teachers Assistants
Corning Teachers Association (Local 2589)
Elba Central School Faculty Association
Elmira Custodial, Maintenance and Cafeteria Workers (Local 11-066)
Elmira Instructional Support Educational Association
Elmira Teachers Association (Local 11-065)
Elmira Heights Educational Support Staff Association (Local 11-061)
Elmira Heights Teachers Association (Local 11-060)
Greater Southern Tier BOCES Educational Association (Local 04-320)
Greater Southern Tier BOCES Support Staff Association (Local 11-226)
Greenwood Teachers Association (Local 2649)
Hammondsport Teachers Association
Hammondsport Teachers Association Assitants
Haverling Teachers Association (Local 2717)
Hornell Educators Association 
Hornell ESPA
Hornell Paraprofessional Association
Horseheads School Services Association (Local 11-101)
Horseheads Teachers Association (Local 11-100)
Instructional Support Educational Association (Local 11-067)
LeRoy Teachers Association
Jasper-Troupsburg ESP
Jasper-Troupsburg Teachers Association 
New York State School for the Blind (Local 298)
Oakfield Alabama Central Teachers Association
Odessa-Montour Teachers Association (Local 11-140)
Pavilion Faculty Association
Pembroke SRP Federation
Prattsburgh Teachers Association
Professional Educators of Corning Community College
South Seneca Teachers Association (Local 3022)
Sullivan County Community College PSA 
Watkins Glen Faculty Association (Local 11-200)