Rochester Labor Council Resolution in Opposition to the CABLE Act

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Opposition to CABLE (Checks and Balances for Legislative Equality) Act 2019 Resolution

Whereas, the Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO is committed to the defense of democracy and the institutions of democracy regardless of party affiliations in our community;

Whereas, Adam Bello was the clear and undisputed victor in the 2019 election for Monroe County Executive;

Whereas, years of gerrymandering have left the Monroe County government under firm single-party control for nearly 30 years;

Whereas, 70% of residents in the county are not represented by the party that has held power for so many years and are therefore significantly underrepresented at the County level;

Whereas, nearly 30 years of single-party rule in Monroe County has led to numerous corruption scandals and an anti-worker and anti-union environment for thousands of union members employed directly and indirectly by Monroe County;

Whereas, the CABLE Act is a drastic amendment to the County Charter meant to massively reduce the power of the County Executive after a historic election that ended single-party control of the County Government;

Whereas, the amendment to the County Charter is being rushed through a “Matters of Urgency” provision and no clear emergency exists;

Whereas, the CABLE Act is an obvious and deliberate attempt to circumvent the will of Monroe County voters to continue their own personal benefit and that of their politically connected cronies and business associates;

Whereas, the current Monroe County Government is clearly acting in crass partisan maneuvers in an effort to maintain single-party, unrepresentative rule in clear contradiction to the values of democracy and fair elections;

Therefore, now be it resolved that the Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO firmly opposes the CABLE Act of 2019 in Monroe County and will engage its members in active opposition to the bill. The Rochester Labor Council commits to:

  1. Hold a mass demonstration in protest against the CABLE Act immediately before the December meeting of the Monroe County Legislature.

  2. Host a petition in opposition to the bill and encourage affiliate unions and organizations to pass the petition onto their members. 

  3. Engage with community groups and political allies to build a public and visible opposition to the CABLE Act prior to the December meeting of the Monroe County Legislature.

Therefore, be it finally resolved that we will use all means - pickets, press events, rallies, petitions, legal challenges - at our disposal, to oppose and reverse this corrupt attempt at maintaining power.

To send a letter voicing your opposition to the CABLE Act go here!