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Organizer School Fall 2023

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Join us for the Rochester Next Up, AFL-CIO Organizer School 2023

We are in a powerful moment for the Labor Movement. Workers across the nation are organizing from Starbucks to Amazon. Locally, nurses at Rochester General Hospital have secured one of the largest organizing wins in the history of the city! UPS Workers have won massive gains with the credible threat of a powerful and unified strike. Hot Union Summer is showing us that union and non-union workers across multiple industries are ready to stand up and fight in ways that hasn't been true for years.

It's vital that the Labor Movement and our allies rise to the occasion. But as we know, this sort of organizing can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are tools that have been developed and adapted over the course of decades by some incredible union organizers.

The September training will run from September 22nd until 24th. On Friday the 22nd we will hold context setting and introductions conversations over dinner. It will go from 5:30pm until about 7:30pm. Saturday will be a full day training from 9am until 5:30pm. Sunday will be from 9am until 5pm. Locations will be shared with attendees (all in-person and in Rochester). 

Join Rochester Next Up, AFL-CIO for the 2023 Fall Organizer School! We have the opportunity to spend a weekend learning from experienced organizers to improve our practices as union and community leaders. This training will cover:

  • Recruitment conversations and how to increase the activity of potentially organizing workers and current union members.
  • Building and Assessing the strength of committees
  • Tools for organizing new unions
  • Internal union leadership development
  • Base-building as a foundation to organization and movement

This training will be open and made relevant to union members, staff and leaders as well as community allies of the labor movement. We especially want to make space for non-union workers who are trying to or want to form a union in their workplaces! Tickets to participate in the weekend training are $180 and scholarships are available upon request! Registration deadline is September 15th!

Register and request scholarships on the form here!

Download the flyer to share here!